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Checks of the appliance includes a thorough visual inspection of the appliance to check for:

Damage to the flex
Damaged to the plug and casing
(overheating, burn marks, discolouration)
An incorrectly wired plug
Wrongly rated fuse

A series of tests are then performed using Seaward's Primetest 300. These will fully comply with the Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment. These may include:


Earth continuity testing
Insulation resistance
Flex polarity test
Earth leakage test
Operational test
Hard Wire Socket Test


The test follows a standardised procedure, designed to thoroughly test the safety of all your appliances. The procedure fully conforms to the code of practice laid out by the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) - the body responsible for PAT testing.

Appliances are labelled with the result of the test (pass or fail).


Any initial action that can be taken during testing (repairing plugs/fuses etc) will be carried out at that time at no extra cost. More complex faults or damage are reported to the nominated responsible person within the business.

Seaward Primetest 300 seaward primetest 300

As a company that is extremely proud of it’s reliability & customer satisfaction all operatives are fully City & Guilds Trained.
The testing equipment used is the most modern & up to date in the World at the moment utilising Bluetooth & Computer systems.

After testing is complete we will provide you with all necessary paperwork to comply with the requirements of The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

The company has full public liability insurance. This will allow you to concentrate on your business knowing that your testing needs are being well looked after. We can offer you a total Business solution.