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Every year in the UK approximately 30 people are killed as a result of coming into contact with electricity, and hundreds more are seriously injured. The Health & Safety Executive states that 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances - kettles, fridges, toasters, fax machines and computers - in other words, the appliances the you and I use every day!

There are many good reasons to carry out pat testing:


  • Compliance with the very latest health and safety regulations

  • Risk of fire and injury from portable appliances is minimised

  • Compliance with ISO9000/1 and BS5750

  • Satisfy the requirements of your insurers - if you're not sure about this check the small print on your employer's liability policy!


But probably the most compelling reason to have your equipment checked is to consider the likely consequences if you do not have the testing done and you are liable if someone is injured or killed. In a recent court case a hotel was fined £20,000 for an injury caused by an electrical fault.

A council was found liable for the death of an employee who died after receiving a shock from a faulty kettle.


If your not complying with your insurance, you’re not covered.